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Gainesville, FL 32641

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Executive Board

President: Liam Sargent

Vice President of Administration: Madelyn Kloske

Vice President of Operations: Victoria Camilleri

Treasurer: Jessica Huie

Secretary: Jessica Smith

Director of Fundraiser: Ana Sargent

Director of Travel: Sara Alessi

Committee Chairs

Apparel Chairs

Jessica Meena

Ashley Naidel


Diana Noto

Victoria Rose


Jenn Le

Kailey Smart

Service Chairs

Chase Aitchison

Astrid Lim

Concessions Chair

Grace Daigel

Alexis Sharot

Recruitment Committee

Hannah Litwak

Anna Marchus

Austin Ham

Ian Ardnt

Diego Guerrero

Family and Alumni Chairs

Andrea Dautant

Katie George

Equipment Chair

Mariel Williams

Hospitality Chair

Fritz LaCombe

Social Chairs

Morgan Moore

Christopher Forrero

Megan Labrecque

Erin Stepchuk

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