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Founded in 1984 Florida Crew started off as just a small group of passionate athletes. Now we have almost 100 rowers, and four full teams: Novice Women, Novice Men, Varsity Women and Varsity Men. We have pushed ourselves onto the national spotlight and are a force to be reckoned with in the rowing world. 

Novice Men

Ian Arndt

Sam Bayer

Sam Bleser

Chalen Cafiero

Christopher Forero

Brody Golden

Max Matheu

Lukas Vallad

Zach Gerbi

Austin Ham

Chad Zessin

Diego Guerrero


Aaron Ludwig

Novice Women

Kailey Smart

Khoury Kennedy

Lhotse Thompson

Maddie Mendoza

Mariel Williams

Paige Doherty

Sara Alessi

Victoria Martin

Lauren Chambers

Mia Stagliano

Celeste Hall

Celeste Sambrano

Alex Hess

Allison Gaukel

Alyssa Caples

Amanda Noto

Ana Sargent

Andrea Drausal

Anna Marchus

Bethy Spillane

Britney Pierre

Caitlin Higginbotham

Isabella Menendez

Jasmin Rabosto


Astrid Lim

Nicole Hatano

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